Referral Program


Folbot Referral Program

We love our Folbot brand ambassadors and are always looking for opportunities to give back to them. That is why we created a no hassle way to get even more from championing Folbot. Besides being treated like the adventurous rock star that you are for recommending our product, we now offer an awesome referral bonus to our best brand ambassadors. Check out the details below.

How does the program work?

Our referral program is simple. When someone new joins the Folbot family by purchasing their very own Folbot and they use your unique promo code, you will receive 10% off of one item and they will receive special edition, one-of-a-kind Folbot swag. Here is a more detailed look at how the process works:

  1. Share Folbot with all of your friends! If you’re tech savvy, share on Facebook, Twitter and through email. And always the best way to share, take your friends out for a paddle in your Folbot. *
  2. Distribute your postcards.
  3. When your friend purchases a new Folbot with your referral promo code, you will receive 10% off** and they will receive special edition Folbot gear. Win-win, right?
  4. Do it again! We may even decide to treat our best referrers to something special.

How do I get started?

For new Folboters, all of our boat shipments will include your referral number. For existing Folboters, all you need to do is give us a call and we can set you up (1-800-533-5099). As soon as you receive your referral code, start spreading the word!

What can you do with your referral credit?

You can do anything you want with it. You can use one at a time to add accessories to your boat (sailing rig, anyone?!) or you can save a few up and splurge on a brand new boat for your fleet. Feel free to use it online during your virtual shopping experience or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to apply it to your order over the phone.

Why refer Folbot?

Besides having the best and most portable skin-on-frame kayaks in the market today, there are a few other reasons to participate in the referral program:

  • Save yourself some money! Earn 10% off of an item with each referral purchase.**
  • Get new Folbot stuff…swag, boat accessories, and maybe even a new model for your fleet?
  • Your referred friends get something that nobody else has: one-of-a-kind Folbot swag.

Help us spread the word. We’re thankful to have you in the Folbot family, but as the old adage says: the bigger, the better! We love our brand ambassadors – we offer an easy, quick and rewarding referral bonus to all brand ambassadors. Let us know how we can better support your efforts and we’ll go out of our way to make it happen. What’s better than paddling your own Folbot? Paddling with your friends in their Folbots, too!

* We do ask that you please share responsibly. Don’t simply post your code on coupon websites. If you do, we will have to cancel that code.

**Offer will be emailed to you. Offer valid for one item. Not valid for sales tax or shipping costs. Valid for online purchases ( and phone orders (1-800-533-5099). Offer may be combined with other referral reward offers up to 70% off of one item. One time use only. Non-transferable. No expiration.