This Folbot model is for serious solo expeditions. It offers the perfect blend of speed and stability with high payloads.

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Technical Specs

  • LENGTH / BEAM: 15′ / 28″, (4.57m / 71.12cm)
  • HEIGHT: 14″, (35.56cm)
  • WEIGHT: 52 lbs., (23.05 kg)
  • COCKPIT SIZE: 45″ x 18″
  • MAXIMUM PAYLOAD: 300 lbs., (136.08 kg)
  • BAG 1 DIMENSIONS: 10″ x 10″ x 56″, (27.94cm x 27.94cm x 1.42m)
  • BAG 2 DIMENSIONS: 24″ x 29″ x 10″, (55.88cm x 73.66cm x 27.94cm)


  • 1999 Kodiak – “INTRO: Have paddled hard-chined and round hull fiberglass, carbon, and kevlar boats, but have always come back to, enjoyed and depended on the Kodiak. Over the past 14 years, my Kodiak has floated the coastal Atlantic Ocean, Canadian lakes, all of the Great Lakes, and numerous rivers in several states in all seasons in temperatures ranging from 20-100F. Materials and construction are excellent and have allowed continuous, dependable performance. My Kodiak just looks good on the water. Feathercraft and Klepper, et al., make good boats, but when considering construction, quality, materials, dependability, portability, function, performance, cost, and Folbot staff and service… I’ll buy another Kodiak.” – Mark Eastman from Winchester, VA
  • Love My Kodiak! – “My Folbot Kodiak has been the perfect tender for my long-distance sailing trip.  I really wanted to have a kayak with me, but I didn’t have any room on a 27-foot sailboat. The Kodiak was the perfect solution.  It folds up compactly for storage on my deck and can be assembled in the small space in ten minutes. Launching it from the big boat took some practice, but it’s stable enough to work out fine.  It also tracks straight and is unbelievably fast for a folding kayak. It’s also durable and has held up extremely well in all conditions and corrosion has never been a problem. Looking forward to many more miles in my Kodiak!” – John Peltier from St. Kitts
  • Kodiak is so versatile! – “I love my Kodiak. It balances very well on my shoulder as I’m taking it from the rack to the shoreline. When I want to paddle for a work out, the Kodiak is fast and stable. If I want to go and camp out for a few days or more, there is plenty of room below the decks for all the gear I need. I’m tremendously pleased with my Folbot Kodiak.” – Rich N. from Bloomington, Indiana