We go back like a rocking chair. Steady & Strong. Cheers to 80 years!


1933 London, England – Folbot was founded in 1933 in London, England by Jack Kissner. At that time there were several companies manufacturing folding boats for the European market. Folbot quickly gained a reputation for being a sturdy and stable boat, and got even more recognition because of the numerous records established, including the first circumnavigation of the UK, in this type of kayak.


1935-1953 New York City to Charleston, South Carolina – Recognizing that North America was a huge untapped market, Mr. Kissner moved Folbõt to New York city in 1935 where it stayed until 1953, the year the plant was moved to its present location in Charleston, South Carolina.


1983 Phil Cotton and partners buy Folbot – In 1983 the company was purchased by Phil Cotton and some other shareholders. With a degree in Product Design, and several years in the textile industry, Phil oversaw the transition of Folbot frames being constructed out of wood to the use of aluminum and composite materials.


1990-1998 Greenland II, Aleut and Kodiak Introduced – In 1990, the Greenland II is the first Folbot built incorporating aluminum longerons and polycarbonate cross frames. The Aleut followed in 1992 and the Kodiak in 1998, each using a similar design and material.


2004-2005 The best selling Cooper – In 2004, Folbot introduced the Cooper, which has become the best selling Folbot ever. The Cooper is the first Folbot kayak to use the revolutionary taut tensioning system – which allows the frame to be fully assembled outside the skin and lengthened to fit the skin once it is inserted. The Kiawah, using the same technology, was introduced in 2005. The Citibõt, Folbot’s newest innovation, is also based on the same technology.


2007 David AvRutick and Tony Mark – In 2007, David AvRutick and Tony Mark purchased Folbot from Phil and his investors. Phil remains with Folbot as Chief Designer.


2008 Our 75th Anniversary – The Edisto is reintroduced, with the brand new Fish ‘n Photo Package, The innovative Fish ‘n Photo Package is also added to the Greenland II. The Citibõt, Folbot’s lightest and most portable kayak ever, is introduced.


2009 Bill Turner – In 2009, Bill Turner joins David and Tony as a partner in Folbot.


2012 The Gremlin – Eric Thome and Scott Peckham purchase Folbot and introduce the newest model of thekayak lineup, the Gremlin, based on the same technology as the popular Citibõt.