Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you pronounce Folbot? Folbot is a folding boat and is pronounced that way too – “foal-boat” Check it out.

What is a skin-on-frame kayak? A skin-on-frame kayak is the original method of creating kayaks that involves stretching fabric over a frame of wood, metal or plastic.  Using the latest technology, Folbot frames are strong and light and they disassemble for easy transportation and storage. The skin is super durable yet flexible enough to fold into a bag.

What is the difference between a skin-on-frame kayak and an inflatable kayak? A skin-on-frame kayak is a true displacement hull kayak, meaning you sit lower in the water and not on the water. This is essential for tracking in wind and moving water. An inflatable kayak sits on the water – think about a balloon in a pond. It will blow with the wind and crash with the waves sitting on top of the water. We would rather sit in the water!

What materials go into a Folbot? Deck Material is Polyester blend. Hull Material is DuPont Elvaloy. Crossframes & Longerons are made of Anodized Aluminum.

How tough is the hull of a Folbot? Wicked strong. It takes 175 lbs. of direct pressure on a screwdriver head to puncture the elvaloy hull. Nothing’s perfect but you have experienced an extreme accident or extreme abuse if you have a hole in this hull.

How long does a Folbot last? With proper care and maintenance, Folbots can last a lifetime. All new boats come with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. We talk to customers all the time with Folbots that go back generations.

What is the best way to care and maintain my Folbot? The best thing you can do for your Folbot is to let it dry before you pack it up. When sitting in the sun, it only takes about 10-15 minutes for the deck to dry. They like to be rinsed with fresh water and if you like to get dirty, feel free to scrub ‘em down with an over-the-counter mild cleaner (dish detergent, etc.) or check out the Maintenance section of our website. You will be using your kayak outside, and sometimes outside is dirty and the water may be salty.  The longeron tubes are hollow aluminum parts that may collect a little dirt or salt from the water.  While not necessary after every use, from time to time rinse your longerons with fresh water to get rid of any residue that may be lingering in the joints.

What Folbot is best for me? We have a model to match any paddler. Check out the Fleet Chart to compare Folbot models and get a personalized recommendation with our Kayak Selector Tool. Some things to think about: How much gear will you be packing? Leading to, what payload do you need for the paddler plus gear? Do you want the option of a rudder kit? Do you want the option of a sail kit or outrigger pontoons system?  Do you want your kayak to pack into one bag or two? What color or custom design do you want?  (that’s the fun part!)

What does a Folbot come with? Kayak, backpack/bags and a lifetime warranty.

Recreational Models

  • skin
  • frame
  • footbraces
  • backpack
  • 2 air sponsons
  • airfom seat

Touring Models

  • skin
  • frame
  • footpegs
  • backpack
  • 2 air sponsons
  • black molded seat

Expedition Models

  • skin
  • frame
  • 2 carrying bags
  • 2 air sponsons
  • black molded seat(s)

How long does it take to assemble a Folbot? When you’ve done it a few times you should be able to assemble our Recreational and Touring models in less than 10 minutes and Expedition models in 15-20 minutes. We have owner’s manuals, assembly instructions and videos to speed up the learning process.  We suggest spending 30-45 minutes on your first assembly.

How much does my Folbot weigh? Our lightest model is only 24 lbs!  Check out all the model weights on our Fleet Chart.

Can I take my Folbot on an airplane? Of course! Check with your individual airline for bag size restrictions.  You may be charged a “professional athlete” fee for your amazing portable sports equipment.

Can I sail my Folbot? Yes – we offer Upwind Sailing Rigs with Outriggers for the Expedition models.  The sailing kit and outriggers attach to the washboards, only available on the expedition kayak models.

How do I purchase a Folbot? Buy online at or give us a call. We work with retailers around the world to bring Folbot to a store in your neighborhood.  Check out our dealers page to find the closest store to you.  In the United States, REI is our largest retailer.

Do you sell Folbot gear? Definitely – hats, t-shirts, stickers, dry bags and more. Check out all the loot here.

Does Folbot ever discount their boats? We want you to always feel confident in your purchase and the purchase price. Depending on stock levels, we may offer a demo sale once a year.

What are my payment options? We take it all: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, personal check and cash.

Are you going to ship my order today?! Our manufacturing facility is smaller than most major retailers and all of our boats are handmade. We obsess over quality and detail, so we only make one boat at a time. Nonetheless, we aim to fulfill orders as quickly as we can.

Do you ship internationally? Yes, we do. Please contact one of our international dealers or contact us for a quote.

When will my order be shipped? We try to ship parts and pieces within 2-5 days, any repairs within 1-2 weeks and kayaks within 3 weeks.  During the busy season that timeframe may double but we are always working to improve on that.

How do I track my order? If you purchased through, you can log into your account at any time to retrieve a status update on your order as well as a tracking number for your shipment. If you purchased on the phone, a customer service representative will email your shipment tracking number directly to you.

Do you offer gift cards? Most definitely.  Purchase a gift card of any denomination at

How do I check the balance of my gift card? Give us a call at 1-800-533-5099.

I don’t live in South Carolina, where can I see a Folbot in person? Check out our dealer page to see if there is a Folbot in a store near you and if not, feel free to get in touch with our team here at headquarters so we can hook you up with a Folbot Ambassador in your area.

Does Folbot have dealers? We sure do. Check out our dealer page here to find a store near you. If you are interested in joining our dealer program, please contact us.

How do I clean my skin? For all models, fresh water and a soft brush or rag take care of most dirt.  We have been using UV Tech lately but a light soap and water mixture can also be used.  For tough dirt, we use a 50/50 mixture of water and a degreaser (like Purple Power).  For hypalon, you can purchase our hull cleaning kit. For elvaloy, for really tough stains use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.


What is the best paddle for me? Folbot offers a wide variety of paddles for purchase. We recommend checking out the paddle fit guide from our friends at Werner.


How do I know if my boat has a lifetime warranty? If you purchased your boat after 1989 and you are the original owner of the boat, then you have a lifetime warranty. Abuse or misuse of your kayak will void the warranty.  Full details can be read here.

If I have a lifetime warranty, what is the process to repair my boat? Send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-533-5099.

 If I don’t have a lifetime warranty, what is the process to repair my boat? Send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-533-5099 for a repair estimate.


I acquired a vintage Folbot, how do I find out what year and model it is? First, check out the Folbot Forum for more information on vintage Folbots. If you get stumped, feel free to email photos of your boat to and we’ll help to identify the year and model of your boat.

Are replacement parts available for older models? Replacement parts and pieces are available for boat models produced after 1989. For pre-1989 boats, the Folbot Forum is the best resource for parts and pieces as well as restoration information.


What is Faces of Folbot? The Faces of Folbot series is an extensive, insider look at the adventures of our featured Folbot Ambassadors. Want to be featured?  Email subject line: Faces of Folbot.

Who are the Folbot Ambassadors? Folbot Ambassadors are more than loyal customers; they are the legends of our culture and the keepers of our tradition. Ambassadors share photos of their expeditions as well as introduce new folks to the Folbot community.

Does Folbot offer sponsorship? We never say never. If you’ve got an interesting opportunity for us, send us an email at

How can I give feedback on Folbot products? You can review and comment directly on our website.  We also encourage and invite feedback through – let us know how we are doing!