The ultimate touring kayak; fast and athletic. The Cooper combines high payload capacity for extra gear with a long, thin water line for higher speeds.


Technical Specs

  • LENGTH / BEAM: 16′ 6″ / 24″, (5.03m / 60.96cm)
  • HEIGHT: 12″, (30.48cm)
  • WEIGHT: 39 lbs., (17.69 kg)
  • COCKPIT SIZE: 34″ x 16″, (86.36cm x 40.64cm)
  • MAXIMUM PAYLOAD: 275 lbs. , (124.74 kg)
  • BAG DIMENSIONS: 41″ x 18″ x 9″, (1.04m x 45.72cm x 22.86cm)
  • Expedition Package: The “EXP option” is a package of our most popular options for these kayaks, allowing you to purchase them together at a significant savings. In addition to the many standard Cooper features, the “EXP” package includes: a foot operated rudder, a spray skirt, the Wilderness Repair Kit, and padding on lower longitudinal frames (to help reduce abrasion to the hull).


  • Excellent Kayak – “I took this kayak on a five day trip and it was awesome! Once you get the hang of setting it up it is no big deal. I was impressed by the portability and by the capacity for putting gear inside and on top. I will say that I had to be cautious when running up to concrete landings but it is still tough and I had no problems with it. Overall it was a great trip and provided an easy set up and break down.” – Bennett Dixon from Johns Island, SC
  • True to Their Word – “I bought my Cooper a year ago, and have already logged over a 150 hours of paddling time with it. I’ve done everything from short day paddles to a 2.5 week 350 mile expedition. I’ve used it on rivers, estuaries, marshes, and lakes ranging from a few square miles to over 31000 sq mi. Folbot’s Cooper is exactly what it advertises to be. It is a reliable, skin-on-frame, foldable kayak. It is designed to fill a specific niche; it is not a substitute for a rigid hull kayak, nor is it a fancy inflatable. As a kayak, I find it remarkably stable; it tracks well, and is quite comfortable. Yet one of its best selling points is undoubtedly its customer service. They have listened to my complaints, responded to my questions, sent additional parts for free, and have worked with me on every detail no matter how minor. Anybody who seriously contemplates buying a vessel they will trust their lives to cannot underestimate the value of a company that stands so fully behind their work.” – Peter Hach from Nicaragua
  • Love My Cooper – “Now that I’ve finally learned how to put it together quickly, I love this boat. (It took a little longer than I’d hoped to get comfortable with the assembly…but I am NOT good at following instructions!) It’s easy and fun to paddle, stable but responsive. And it looks great! :)” - Anonymous Person from NY
  • Great Conversational Piece – “My Cooper is very sturdy and strong. It handles bigger waves effortlessly, is great for practicing self-rescues, reliable, very fast, excellent in rivers and oceans, and turns easily despite its length. It’s a great conversational piece because people just love watching it being built and think it is the coolest thing ever.” – Sabrina from Courtenay, BC, Canada