Education and Safety

While Folboting can be enjoyed by most anyone and most skill levels, we encourage you to learn more about kayaking and safety. Please spend some time educating yourself on the ACA website and check out any courses near you. Knowing more will help you better enjoy each successive Folbot trip.

ACA Educational Resources

ACA Top 10 Safety Tips






Our Warning

Paddlesports can be very dangerous and physically demanding.  Folbot users should understand that participating in paddlesports may involve serious injury or death, and acknowledges both an understanding and assumption of the risk involved in paddlesports.

  • Our product is intended to be used as a user propelled watercraft only.
  • Always wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device.
  • Always wear a helmet on whitewater and ocean surf.
  • Always dress appropriately for weather conditions.
  • Always check your equipment frequently for sings of wear or failure.
  • Never paddle alone.
  • Get paddlesport instruction from a licensed, certified instructor.
  • Obtain certified First Aid training and carry First Aid and rescue equipment.
  • Do not exceed your paddling ability – be honest with yourself.
  • Scout unfamiliar rivers – portage where appropriate.
  • Do not paddle flooded rivers.
  • Be aware of tidal changes, dangerous currents and weather changes.
  • Cold water and cold weather can result in hypothermia.
  • Consult your physician prior to beginning your paddlesport training.
  • Read owner’s manual. If you do not have an owner’s manual, one may be obtained at no charge by calling 800-533-5099.