Have you ever wanted to try a Folbot?  Go straight to the experts!  Our fun loving group of ambassadors is growing and they love sharing their experiences.  Click on their information to read more about them and to send them a direct message if you are interested in seeing a Folbot in person or just asking  a question.



Contact Rich

  • Rich
  • United States, Indiana, Bloomington
  • Model(s): Greenland II, Kodiak, Edisto
  • “I paddle all year, as long as there isn’t ice!”




Contact Lauri

Contact Lauri

  • Lauri
  • United States, New York, Ossining
  • Model(s): Cooper
  • Guides yoga and kayak trips
  • Paddles in Canada, Costa Rica and on the Hudson River



HS-JohnHess Square

Contact John

  • John
  • United States, Missouri, Joplin
  • Model(s): Yukon
  • Paddles and hikes the Ozarks





Contact Steve

  • Steve
  • United States, California, Fresno
  • Model(s): Greenland II
  • Used mules to carry his Folbot bags on a trip




Contact Daniel

Contact Daniel

  • Daniel
  • United States, South Carolina, Mount Pleasant
  • Model(s): Citibot
  • Wildlife photography enthusiast





Contact Wade

  • Wade
  • United States, Michigan, Cedar Springs
  • Model(s): Kodiak
  • Uses his Folbot in camping, fishing and family fun





Contact Alistair

  • Alastair
  • United States, New York, New York
  • Model(s): Greenland II
  • “I’ve been kayaking down the Delaware River for 10 years in my Folbot”



Contact Peter

Contact Peter

  • Peter
  • Nicaragua
  • Model(s): Cooper
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • “I’ve logged over 200 hours and over a 1000 miles of paddling in my Folbot Cooper (nicknamed  Hobbes)”



Contact Cheryl

Contact Cheryl

  • Cheryl
  • United States, New Jersey/New York Metro area
  • Model(s): two Yukons
  • First Folbot was a Greenland II to paddle with her father




John Burch-square

Contact John B

  • John B.
  • United States, Illinois, Chicago area
  • Model(s): Greenland II, Kodiak, Gremlin
  • Forum Profile: flatwater
  • Especially enjoys exploring backwaters
  • Recently traded up his Citibot for a Gremlin



HS-Dean Ostrander-Square

Contact Dean

  • Dean O.
  • United States, Wisconsin, Egg Harbor
  • Model(s): Yukon, Greenland II, Vintage 1973 Super TSF
  • Forum Profile: naedr
  • Folboting since 1962



Kirby Stevens

Contact Kirby

  • Kirby S.
  • Canada, British Columbia and beyond
  • Model(s): Kodiak and Cooper
  • Paddling since the 1970s





Contact Lee

  • Lee W.
  • West Coast Australia
  • Model(s): Cooper
  • Travels with his Folbots all over the world!





Contact James

  • James H.
  • Great Britain and Greece
  • Model(s): Greenland II
  • Paddles with his dog, Nelson




Mail Attachment

Contact Andrew

  •  Andrew
  • Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
  • Folbot model(s)*: Yukon, with sail kit, and two Aleuts
  • Travels with Folbots in the motorhome and sports car!




Interested in becoming an ambassador?  Please send us an email about yourself at