Folbot Experience – Come experience Folbot and get your hands on the world’s greatest folding kayaks. We provide a factory tour, product demonstration and then go out on a kayak tour in local creeks. Kayaks, paddles and PFDs supplied. Cost is $25 per person, per tour, which can be used towards the purchase of a new folbot. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions – How do you pronounce Folbot? Folbot is a folding boat and is pronounced that way too – “foal-boat.” Check out more faq

Folbot Referral Program – We love our Folbot brand ambassadors and are always looking for opportunities to give back to them. That is why we created a no hassle way to get even more from championing Folbot. Besides being treated like the adventurous rock star that you are for recommending our product, we now offer an awesome referral bonus to our best brand ambassadors. Check out the details

Buy Back Program – Folbot’s Buy Back Program allows Folbot fans to purchase a brand new Folbot kayak at a 30% discount while “retiring” their older model to a different, loving home – back into the fold with Folbot. Read more

Folbot News – Stay up to date with folbot news and events by checking in often to our news page. Read more