Minimize space and weight, maximize fun on the water. Citibot offers optimal performance for its size.

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Technical Specs

  • LENGTH / BEAM: 10′ / 34″, (3.05m / 86.36cm)
  • HEIGHT: 13″ , (33.02cm)
  • WEIGHT: 24 lbs., (10.89 kg)
  • COCKPIT SIZE: 30″ x 16″, (76.2cm x 40.6cm)
  • MAXIMUM PAYLOAD: 210 lbs., (95.25 kg)
  • BAG DIMENSIONS: 35″ x 18″ x 10″, (88.9cm x 45.7cm x 25.4cm)


  • Game Changer – “Pretty simple folks: Needed a way to get into the water, escape from the crush of crowds in Manhattan, experience the enjoyment of Kayaking…works with a folding kayak that can fit in a backpack, in my tiny apartment and on the subway. Easy to assemble (actually pretty fun), functions very well in the agua, I can’t say enough great stuff. I’m pretty much in love…as one of my friends said, “there are support groups for that you know.” ;-) Tim from New York, NY United States
  • In one word – excellent – “I wanted to dramatically open my horizons to more kayaking. I have flown four times to Tampa. Florida with my foldup Kayak and had excellent adventures kayaking Florida streams on the coast of Tampa.  In addition, I have been to Cumberland National Seashore. They don’t allow kayaks onboard, but something in a bag just goes by as the usual luggage out to the camp grounds on this barrier island. I had an excellent time kayaking in the ocean behind the island.  The kayak is easy to assemble. With all my gear for a day it takes 30 minutes from car to water (including packing gear, paddles, lunch, etc.). I also took the kayak to Waterton National Park in Canada and kayak’d the glacier lake for which the park was named (a bit windy I must say). It has fulfilled my dreams. I have had the new experiences and variety of new experiences I have been seeking. Thank you for a good idea!!” – richoutdoors from Fairfax, VA
  • I have really enjoyed my Citibot! as a single  person living in an apartment with no outside storage space, it has been my best option for owning and enjoying having a kayak. With some practice,putting it together is reasonably quick, not much more time than it takes to load and tie down a regular kayak. I have only used it on lakes and slow moving rivers, but it handles well. I would definitely recommend it!” – Judy Bruyn from New Orleans, La