Folbot Fotos: First Day of Spring!

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This is how we celebrate the first day of spring: load up our Cooper and head out for an adventure!

How are you celebrating? Share your spring paddle pics with us! #SpringPaddle

Folbot and Art

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We enjoyed meeting Folboter and artist, Claude Chiasson, this morning.  Down from Quebec for a winter road trip, he stopped by Folbot from some repairs and accessories for his red 2004 Greenland II.  His kayak is still in great shape, and he is making sure it is ready for the waters of Florida and then California before he heads home.

What is the special link between art and Folbot? We are intrigued to explore this more and excited as we are set to announce a major collaboration with a local artist.

Do you have artwork to share?  Send it to us here.


Artist Series: Raven Roxanne



Our first artist series features the talent of local, Charleston artist Raven Roxanne.  Raven worked with us at Folbot for months to develop a feel for our brand, our kayaks and our customers.  Then she created four fantastic paintings just for Folbot.  We turned them into custom decks for our favorite models!

Artist Series-All Four-On End




More about the artist:

Raven Roxanne was raised on the gulf coast in a zoo, but would later recognize it as an artists paradise. This paradise – her home and playground – is better known to the public as The Zoo Gallery, an art gallery 40 years in the making. She studied at Auburn University receiving a BFA with a concentration in painting. Raven has settled in Charleston, South Carolina where she is constantly stimulated to paint. Her studio in Charleston is in Redux, another artists paradise.

instagram: rain_bird



Folbot Fotos: 12 Mile


How about this fall weather? Love it! We got to enjoy the leaves and breeze on the water this morning with Clemson University students.

This fall, Folbot donated two kayaks to Clemson Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE). Today, we got to enjoy a paddle on 12 Mile Creek with a few CORE participants. See a snip of our paddle below!

***SIDE note: It’s a small world afterall…. One of the Clemson students mentioned her friend who kayaked in Alaska over the summer. Yep, the one and only Kristin Gates of Miles for Breakfast, who, if you remember, kayaked the Yukon River in a FOLBOT. Move over Kevin Bacon, we’re 0 degrees to Kristin Gates!***

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